A small selection of feedback from our clients:

“I would like to give you my heartfelt thanks for your highly successful work in this project. You and your team supported our Bank in an extremely professional and valuable way. Throughout the entire project, our team benefitted from your impressive methodological and technical competence, and your strong goal and results orientation. My team and I particularly appreciated your coaching approach which unquestionably helped guide us to a successful project conclusion.”

Deutsche Pfandbriefbank 

“On behalf of the … Division, thank you once again for the insightful training sessions you gave here at the ECB. In general, people feel very positive about it and further training would be much appreciated….”

European Central Bank


“We at Takarékbank would like to thank you and your team for the unfailing support and assistance you provided us within the project to reengineer the Credit Department of our Bank. We particularly appreciated your ability to support and coach our working groups and maintain the momentum of the project, the qualified on-the-job training of our staff and your constructive role in helping our staff find consensus on difficult issues. The sustainability of our project has been ensured by the knowledge transfer to key staff, the success in mobilizing the participation of staff in the project, and, not least, the improved interdepartmental communication generated through the project….”

Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank Rt. 


Evaluations from a training programme within the corporate MBA

  • Excellent course, unfortunately we only have her once!
  • She has set a very high standard for others to follow!
  • Unconditional praise. I particularly liked the small group work.
  • Super!
  • I can’t imagine a better training event. Please give us more of her!
  • What Ms. Hilz-Ward did was by far the best that we have seen in this entire programme.

Evaluations from a training course within the merger with NYSE:

  • “Real-life examples from the trainer were much appreciated; examples and exercises were really outstanding illustrations of cultural differences
  • It was fun and very useful for the months ahead
  • Reavis’ presentation and communication style was very open, interesting to listen to; great sense of humour
  • Many good examples from recent business experiences; Examples and materials fit well to our business
  • The training was concise, interesting, relaxing
  • I particularly liked the style of presentation and the anecdotes
Deutsche Börse 

Evaluations from a training programme for senior leaders (international and national CEOs) of international Civil Society Organisations:

  • Great leadership & humour
  • Reavis’ facilitation was very good
  • Thanks for the great job, the perfect tools and the personal consultation.
  • Reavis’ efforts to ensure that expectations were met showed strong commitment to participants. She listened to participants’ (sometimes conflicting) wishes and adapted workshop accordingly.
  • Excellent workshop which leaves me with many many concrete ideas, skills and tools
  • I loved it. Thank you!
Berlin Civil Society Center

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