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If you are struggling to find your ideal job, look first at what angers you.

This may sound paradoxal, but it is a fact: When you work in a field where your passion lies you will be much more motivated to have an impact and to make things better. Let’s take an example: you go into a restaurant, the food is overpriced and not very good; the service is sloppy and unprofessional. Most people will be somewhat annoyed but not seriously inconvenienced, as they will have found a place they will avoid in the future.
If, on the other hand, such a situation strongly annoys you and you find yourself talking about it over and over, you might think about going into restaurant or hotel management. This is obviously an area which means a great deal to you – and you will then always find a powerful motivator to go to work.
So if you are casting around for your next challenge, take a closer look at the situations and things which most bother, annoy or anger you. Flip them around and see what you could possibly do to remedy or counteract them. And don’t defeat yourself from the beginning by thinking “oh, I am not sufficiently trained in that area.” Chances are, you are quite well-informed and have a better base than you realize. And can quickly pick up what you are missing to start to work in that area.

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