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Advisory to Top Management

Objectivity and focus are nowhere more important than at senior management... >>>

Public Speaking

Reavis is a spirited speaker, bringing modern management challenges out into... >>>


Reavis Hilz-Ward is a published author and frequently called upon to... >>>


Optimising organisational health

Led by internationally acclaimed multi-lingual expert Reavis Hilz-Ward, INTERPROJECTS is a company with corporate capability and a very human face. A consulting firm that knows that in a competitive environment it’s smarter not harder that will liberate your success.

INTERPROJECTS has a track record of achievement in optimising people, processes and complex organizations...


Reavis Hilz-Ward

Reavis is an American with two decades of experience working in Europe; she has worked in senior positions and held Managing Directorships for large concerns including the UN and a financial institution. She has successfully shaped her role as “business health” expert through triumphantly leading restructuring and process improvement projects and coaching at management and supervisory board level in the private and public sectors in Europe and beyond. She understands the cultures, the commercial ...



INTERPROJECTS has been very busy supporting our clients: From conceiving and leading workshops to develop the 2020 HR strategy of a leading DAX financial services provider to moderating a major conference event for a large tire producer; training the entire German and French Boards of a key player in the energy business and helping them to develop effective change management approaches for a major transition;