Speaking Portfolio

Operational risk

Risks arising from the people, systems, processes and external events through which your company operates need prudent management and prepared topics include:

  • ORM Quo Vadis: What is expected from Operational Risk Management in the post-crisis financial industry?
  • Risk Performance Management – Assessing and Quantifying Operational Risks to better attain strategic objectives
  • Employee engagement and retention – unseen and essential components of sound operational risk management

Driving performance with multiple cultures

Organizations are a sum of their people so speech subjects focus on obtaining top results from your key asset of human resources across the globe – deriving maximum benefit from diversity in country, company, professional and even age cultures.

Change management

Preparing for, executing, managing and accepting organizational change are essential qualities of effective corporations. This topic pinpoints the main challenges and highlights how to ensure success.

Moving from management to leadership with 100% employee engagement

The seismic shift in accountability, attitudes and performance required as managers grow into leaders is a hot topic for future focused companies.

Leadership in the 21st century: diversity and organisational culture as keys to success

Our culture, our motivations and our social context has changed. This topic tackles the way leaders can best meet the latest needs of the corporations they guide.

The business case for corporate responsibility

As part of a global corporate community, each company has its own role to play. Here Reavis defines best practice in taking a stand on corporate responsibility and clarifies the concrete bottom line benefits to deploying an active Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Brand, reputation and corporate conscience

Provenance, corporate ethics and branding need to make the right impact to maximize success, so this popular speech builds a picture of the delicate balance that must be struck and the common pitfalls that companies experience.

Governance and development cooperation

Reavis harvests her experience in advising governing and corporate bodies in countries that require external support to illustrate the best approach to policies and operations for development cooperation.

Corporate information policy

Integrating corporate information and defining the policy that guards it, yields agile business decisions, and breeds an informed leadership and a motivated team. Reavis defines its importance and highlights how you can make or break a company with your corporate information policy.