Leadership and governance

INTERPROJECTS has a wealth of international experience in guiding leaders and establishing good governance. Reavis pioneers fresh approaches to operational risk management, change projects, managing organizational culture, employee engagement, empowerment, strategic planning and process optimization. Her global cultural knowledge and objectivity assist in giving her clients a competitive edge and a clear picture of their present and future company. Services include:


Strategy identification and planning – defining a roadmap of the future and a clear strategic journey is followed by aligning structure, operations, processes and communication to achieve success.

Communication – transparency breeds trust and a common language through which an organisation can communicate effectively. Information is power and good communication distributes it appropriately, empowering good decision making to achieve corporate goals.

Process optimization – clarifying, strengthening and aligning internal processes delivers concrete, measureable and sustainable improvement for an efficient corporate environment.

Structure optimization – shaping structure that breaks down barriers and silo thinking to support achievement of strategic goals and engaging employees to optimize retention.

Change management – INTERPROJECTS takes the fear out of change by identifying and minimising negativity and challenges, creating momentum and motivation and setting positive rewards.