The tools and approaches created by Reavis are a reflection of the considered and compassionate way in which INTERPROJECTS optimizes success. The methods of work are guided by honesty, integrity, deep knowledge, sensitivity and focus. The journey for each client and project will be different but the destination is always improvement and success. INTERPROJECTS visits ‘waypoints’ on your journey that will vary in length and content for each client. A typical journey might include:

Initial non-binding consultation – establishes ‘fit’ between INTERPROJECTS and the needs. Broadly defines challenges, goals and timeframes.

Analysis sessions – using extensive interviews and state-of-the-art tools to clarify the issues, uncover root cause and deliver a firm understanding of the context of the environment.

Goal identification – uncovering agreed goals and measurement indicators for success.

Implementation – a programme designed to address the issues which might include individual and group coaching sessions, training, performance management, risk assessment and change process design.

Mid-term review – assessment and orientation ‘health check’ for the project.

Second implementation phase – a continuation of work.

Success review – appraisal and evaluation of works against the indicators of success.

For a reference to our working methods in executive coaching for top leaders, please download our coaching process diagram and the coaching and training profile.


To arrange a non-binding consultation or ask about any element of INTERPROJECTS working methods please contact Reavis Hilz-Ward on +49 (69) 75600-10 or email us.