Senior Consultants

Stuart Burton
stuart_burtonStuart. Burton has had over 28 years of banking experience including executive management positions in HSBC Bank plc. in the fields of Credit Risk Management and Business Development. In addition he has been a Consultant on a range of banking issues, including risk rating methodologies and Basel II, for several years involving assignments in Belarus, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine, Kuwait and United Kingdom.


Tanja Wälzholz
Tanja_WaelzholzTanja Wälzholz, who graduated from the Technische Universität Darmstadt in engineering and economics, has 20 years experience in Management Systems (Quality, Environment, OHSAS – Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), Project Management and Process Management. As such, she has been responsible for global restructuring and cost reduction projects in the automotive and machinery industries. For 13 years, she was a certified Auditor (ISO/TS 16949, QS 9000, VDA 6.x), and, since 2003, an internationally certified Trainer and Examiner with the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA).


Charley Swords
Charley_SwordsCharley Swords is a management consultant, trainer and coach with over 30 years experience in banking and business to directorship level in blue chip organisations. She established Swords Consultancy Ltd in 1997 after 18 years in Bank of Ireland Group. Her work includes projects and programmes for blue-chip companies and financial institutions throughout the western world, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Charley specialises in business and financial evaluation and planning, business restructuring, marketing and sales and owner/manager coaching, training and development.  She focuses on all aspects of performance enhancement, and is particularly active in performance improvement, restructuring and development, coaching for performance and conceiving and providing customised and open learning/skills development programmes.


Maximilian Foedinger
Maximilian Foedinger is a Senior Consultant and Trainer having 19 years of experience in the field of business consulting for private entities as well as EU, UNDP and WIFI on behalf of the Austrian Development Agency. His education he received in Austria and USA, from where he graduated with a Master Degree in International Management. He has worked in practically all Eastern Europe countries with a strong focus on Ukraine and Russia and in the Middle East. His technical background is International Business covering field in Marketing and Finance. He as accomplished projects like sector analysis and recommendations, cluster development, development of financial products to assist SMEs in their export endeavours, Feasibility studies as well as direct assistance to companies from their very first steps into foreign markets up to restructuring of international operations. He is also an international recognized capacity building expert who has planned and delivered capacity building programs for private and public sector starting from Training needs analysis to delivering of seminars. Recently he worked in Syria on a major EU funded project assisting 3 Ministries (Finance, Economy and SPC) in handling the change process from a commanded to a free market economy.


Nick Nickersen
Nick_NickersenNick Nickersen has worked in a wide range of businesses and industries. His engineering background has served him well not only in managing “shop-floor” issues but also in board-level decision making situations. Combining this with his MBA and banking experience, Nick is able to apply his knowledge across virtually all business processes. He feels as comfortable in the training room as in the boardroom. In fact, when he was an adjunct faculty member of a university in Frankfurt/Main, he helped introduce the principles of a free-market economy to eastern Europe.


Leif Andersen
Leif Andersen, who is a M.Sc. (Econ), has 30 years of experience in the financial sector, including 10 years in emerging markets. He has had senior management positions in Denmark in banking, mortgage banking and leasing and was associate professor in banking for 12 years. In emerging market he has undertaken projects in 21 countries, primarily in Eastern Europe and Asia. His main expertise is within SME lending, rural lending, risk management, micro finance, mortgage banking, bank restructuring and training. He has assisted clients through projects financed by EU, IFC, USAID, WB, NGOs, and by clients themselves.


Marina Duchenko
Marina Duchenko has 20 years of professional experience, 10 of which in the financial sector. Since 1997 her professional activity is connected with banking and non-banking financial institutions with specialization in consumer finance, SME finance, and lending in rural areas. Mrs. Duchenko has substantial experience of the financial-analytical work and credit analysis and is co-author of the financial analysis system for credit unions. She delivered consultations in the financial management to big holding agricultural and food industrial companies and worked with German credit line (Kreditanstalt bank). She is the co-author of the mandatory program for the top management of Ukrainian Credit Unions designed on request of State Commission of Financial Service Markets Regulation and the author of the mandatory course “Financial management in credit unions”. Besides she designed and conducted trainings in crediting, credit products development, credit products for rural areas, credit risk management, business planning for SMEs, financial management, financial analyses in credit unions, statistics for bankers and others.


Desmond J. Bodley
Desmond_BodleyDes Bodley is a banking/financial consultant and trainer, having 40 years experience in corporate and international banking projects, both publicly and privately financed. Studied a Leadership and General Management Development Program at the Irish Management Institute, and Project Management, Development and Financial Management at Michigan University. Member of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland and Marketing Institute of Ireland. Prior to his retirement in 1993 Des was a Deputy General Manager with the Bank of Ireland with whom he had worked for over 30 years. He has an excellent knowledge of both retail and corporate banking, dealing largely with multinational clients. As a Trainer for the Bank of Ireland, has extensive experience in the strategic/business planning, human resources management, organisational structure, lending control and business development.


John Hardy
John_HardyJohn Hardy has been undertaking investment, banking, training and capital markets projects in developed and emerging markets since 2002.. His clients include governments, national and international development agencies, professional advisors and private sector organizations. Extensive management and financial experience at major banks and consulting firms enables John to make an immediate impact in structuring and fulfilling commercial and public sector assignments. As an investment banker for twelve years, he was responsible for evaluating, capitalizing and managing private sector projects and investment funds. Prior to that, he was a senior member of the International Treasury Division of Chemical Bank/JP Morgan Chase working in worldwide capital markets and based in London and New York. Prior experience as a Development Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers and international business journalism and management experience at Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal,, Institutional Investor, and The Economist Group.


Atte Holopainen
Atte_HolopainenAtte Holopainen, who is MSc. and holds information systems audit and IT security certifications CISA and CISM has more than 20 years of experience in internal audit, information systems audit and information security. He has worked over 10 years as IT audit manager in a large international bank and over 10 years as an independent consultant. In several assignments he has working experience in U.S.A, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong. In emerging market he has undertaken projects in Kyrgyzstan, where he was the project manager for 18 months period in a World Bank financed banking development project. Also he has worked in Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In Romania he was providing training for the central bank internal auditors.