INTERPROJECTS – optimising organisational health

Led by internationally acclaimed multi-lingual expert Reavis Hilz-Ward, INTERPROJECTS is a company with corporate capability and a very human face. A consulting firm that knows that in a competitive environment it’s smarter not harder that will liberate your success.

INTERPROJECTS has a track record of achievement in optimising people, processes and complex organizations – making them more efficient and more effective. From one-to-one professional coaching to global scale complexity issues, INTERPROJECTS takes the time to be considered, understanding, innovative, enlightening and endlessly passionate about assisting you in achieving your goals.

To find out more about how Reavis Hilz-Ward and the INTERPROJECTS team might help call +49 (69) 75600-10, email us or explore our site.

INTERPROJECTS services clients in English, Deutsch, Français, Portugues.